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Empowering ministry

Connecting online is great, but face-to-face support is irreplaceable. That's why Doubters Welcome develops resources your ministry can use to support doubting Christians. Each series includes discussion questions, a series trailer, and more!


If you're a ministry leader, consider joining the Ministers Network.

Encountering God

We all have questions about encountering God. But this topic can bring up disappointment, confusion, and intense debate. So, even though it’s important, it can be hard to talk about in church. But we’re gonna do it anyway!


This series is made to:

  • Empower ongoing discipleship relationships

  • Create space for people to express doubts about encountering God

  • Consider Jesus' view on encounter with him

  • Spark hopeful discussion about growing in relationship with God

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Faith, Doubt, and Everything in Between

Most Christians experience some kind of doubt on their journey with Jesus. So, it's important for churches to have real conversations about faith, doubt, and everything in between.


This series is made to:

  • Study what the Bible says about doubt

  • Help doubting Christians express, understand, and overcome doubt

  • Empower ministry leaders to journey alongside doubting Christians

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